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About us & key figures

Our Promise

Our products are meant to derisk clinical development. We generate first-in-class molecules on the basis of unique patient-based assays for efficient treatment of diseases with high unmet medical needs.

Our Business Model

We create a pipeline of patient-based high-value programs in muscular and neurologic disorders as well as oncology. We develop them as collaborative proprietary programs in an open innovation model up to lead compounds.

Our patient-based assays are an intermediate exit/entry point, allowing industrial partners to get access to our programs at an early stage for their own drug discovery purposes.

Our Differentiating Features

Our capacity to develop AI-driven algorithms for image analysis allows us to use the full potential of complex patient-based disease models for drug discovery. Our ability to built synergistic precision networks around each of our programs maximises success. Our capability to align our efforts in an end-to end approach from early disease modelling up to first-in-class lead compounds is accelerating patient-based drug discovery. The combination of these three features is rendering Ksilink unique.

Our Goal

We aspire to become the leading biotech organization for patient-based phenotypic drug discovery. We aim to enable next generation medicine for diseases with high medical needs.

Our Mission

Everyday, our team partners with academia, hospitals and industry. We align our efforts and networks in order to drive patient-based drug discovery, in a faster and most synergistic way.

Our Why

Discovering new drugs solving today’s unmet medical needs.

Advancing science by making outstanding expertise available and reliable for the pharmaceutical industry.

Achieving great outcomes faster by building precision networks in an integrated end-to-end approach.