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About Ksilink & key figures

Ksilink is bundling academic and industrial forces to address diseases where no other therapeutic approaches have proven effective or ever existed.

Our Business Model

We create a pipeline of patient-based drug discovery programs in muscular and neurologic disorders, as well as oncology. We develop them as collaborative proprietary programs in an open innovation model up to lead compounds.

Our Differentiating Features

Leaning on the power of AI-driven image analysis, we use the  full potential of our complex patient-based disease models for drug discovery. Our efforts are strengthen and accelerated by aligning outstanding expertise in an end-to end approach, from early disease modelling up to first-in-class compounds.

Our Why

Discovering new drugs solving today’s unmet medical needs.

Advancing science by making outstanding expertise available and reliable for the pharmaceutical industry.

Achieving great outcomes faster by building precision networks in an integrated end-to-end approach.

Since 2014, over € 50 M have been invested into Ksilink’s programs

Our dedicated financing tools are translating scientific excellence into tangible results for the pharmaceutical industry.

A dedicated multidisciplinary team of more than 20 experts

Our team is specialized in assay development, phenotypic screening, AI-driven image analysis, technology transfer, translational project management and coordination.

5 outstanding platforms to accelerate patient-based drug discovery

Our programs benefit from a set of fully industrialized platforms.  Their end-to-end alignment is one of our differentiating features.

200,000 compounds for screening activities

Our cell-painted, annotated chemical compound libraries combined with large libraries of up to 200,000 compounds allow the discovery of first-in-class molecules. 

100,000 high content images are used to validate our AI-based algorithm

Our fully integrated imaging and data-mining capacities are a guarantee for the development of biologically most relevant algorithms. They are key to render complex disease models applicable for large-scale phenotypic screening campaigns.

12 renowned partners are part of the Ksilink association