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Our Expertise & Rationale

Patient-based disease models carry a huge potential for phenotypic drug discovery and the generation of more efficient drugs and next generation medicine. Our programs are divided into two development steps.    

First, we design most authentic disease models by differentiating patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells into disease relevant cell types. After phenotypic and functional validation, they are transformed into valuable, fully automated assays.

In a second step, we combine our assays to be screened with large compound libraries for the identification and development of valuable first-in-class lead compounds.


How we maximize success:

  • Bundling clinical, academic and industrial expertise
  • Covering the entire value chain around patient-based drug discovery
  • Applying outstanding disease modelling expertise and cell differentiation protocols
  • Developing powerful AI-based algorithms enabling large phenotypic screening campaigns
  • Smart and flexible use of high-quality annotated libraries
  • Identifying novel MOAs by combining powerful target deconvolution technologies
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