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Our Expertise

Patient-based disease models carry a huge potential for phenotypic drug discovery and the generation of more efficient drugs. Aligning Europe’s best experts from academia and industry, we conduct most valuable drug discovery programs in a from-bed-to-bench-and-back-to-bed cycle.

Our Rationale

With a strong focus on monogenic diseases we design most authentic disease models with isogenic healthy controls. Based on patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells,  differentiated into disease relevant cell types, our models benefit from a whole set of proprietary technologies for cell differentiation and large-scale production.

After phenotypic and functional validation, these models are transformed into fully automated assays. Our capacity to develop tailored AI-based algorithms for image analysis allows their application for large phenotypic screening campaigns. 

In a second step, we combine our assays with large compound libraries of up to 200 000 compounds for the identification and development of valuable first-in-class compounds.


How we maximize success:

  • Bundling clinical, academic and industrial expertise
  • Covering the entire value chain around patient-based drug discovery
  • Applying outstanding disease modelling expertise and cell differentiation protocols
  • Developing powerful AI-based algorithms enabling large phenotypic screening campaigns
  • Smart and flexible use of high-quality annotated libraries
  • Identifying novel MOAs by combining powerful target deconvolution technologies
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