Meet us in Denver

Apr 28, 2022 | Short news

We will participate at this year’s Keystone Symposium on Modern Phenotypic Drug Discovery: From Chemical Biology to Therapy that will take place from May 22nd – May 25th 2022 in Denver, CO, USA.

Ksilink will highlight recent work using a combination of high-content neuronal phenotyping and machine learning to render complex patient-derived dopaminergic neuron models usable for drug screening applications.

You can visit us, learn about our work during a talk and poster presentation, or you can join us online to learn more about modern approaches to phenotypic screening.

Our Ksilink representative will also be available to inform you about Ksilink’s general approach for establishing patient-based cellular models and rendering them applicable for phenotypic drug discovery. Feel free to contact us in advance via contact(at)

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