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Unlocking the complexity of patient-based cellular models for the development of precision medicine

Bridging distinctive patient-centered Techbio capacities with European excellence from academia, hospitals, biotechs and pharma is what makes us unique. Advancing our drug pipeline in collaboration with outstanding partners is our major focus but most of our technical skills can be made accessible for your specific questions.

Ksilink's members

Patient centered drug pipeline

By putting the patient in the center from the very start we shift the drug discovery paradigm towards precision medicine. Our translational pipeline of programs is conducted together with renowned key opinion leaders and members of the Ksilink association.

Extracting latest advances in clinical research and stem cell differentiation technologies, we apply deep learning guided morphological profiling to unique patient-based cellular systems to unlock the complexity of human biology and generate most personalized drugs up to early clinical phases.

TechBio capacities

Finding answers where they are most likely to be hiding. Experts in deep learning guided morphological profiling, we classify thousands of cellular parameters from high content microscopic images, generated in house, at full speed.

Bearing in mind the variability of human cellular systems, our team has established a proven track record to enable automation of neurological and muscular assays allowing for various drug discovery purposes. 

Ksilink's members
Disease Modelling

Disease Modelling

Reflecting diseases in vitro

AI solutions

AI Solutions

PhenoLink for fast AI-assisted morphological profiling

Target ID & Drug Development

Target ID & Drug Development

Towards precision medicine with patient-based POC models



Multidimensional profiling of human microglia

Safety Profiling

Safety Profiling

on cardiomyocytes & neurons