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Ksilink’s for hospitals & research

We enable scientists to translate the fruit of their early research into tangible assets for the benefit of patients and society. Launching a drug discovery project with Ksilink means you access a synergistic, multidisciplinary and open-minded network with top level expertise in translational science. Together, we can add substantial value to your project and preparing it to enter pharmaceutical drug development.

How does it work?

You are an expert in your field and have first preliminary results based on a patient-derived disease model.

You contact us to discuss if your project could enter into Ksilink’s translational strategy.

We will elaborate a feasibility study or, if needed, a maturation plan.

As soon as the project is sufficiently matured, it can enter our pipeline and follow a specifically tailored translational drug discovery process.

Your benefits when collaborating with Ksilink

  • Access to a complementary set of innovative platforms in an industrial environment
  • Collaborate with European’s best experts in patient-based drug discovery
  • Access to valuable tools and compound libraries
  • Strengthen your translational capacities and know-how
  • Expand the IP basis of your preliminary work in a risk-sharing approach
  • Share revenues