A new publication of the environMENTAL consortium in Nature Medicine

Jun 22, 2023 | Publications

A new publication of the environMENTAL consortium on effects of urban living environments on mental health in adults has been just in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine

The results of the groundbreaking study of the environMENTAL consortium shed light on how urban living environments can impact mental health through neurobiological pathways.

The research (article available here) identifies three distinct environmental profiles that are associated with depression, anxiety and emotional instability. Additionally, the authors identify brain regions that mediate the effect of different environmental profiles on psychiatric symptoms.

These findings have important implications for urban planners, city policymakers, and mental health professionals, helping to prioritize and target future public health interventions. It’s exciting research that can help shape the way we think about how urban environments affect our mental health.

We at Ksilink are proud to be part of the environMENTAL consortium and to contribute to these efforts to improve the lives of patients and citizens.


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